Published Works

My short story collection The Beautiful Rooms will be published by The Lonely Press in 2018.

Below are some of the national and international anthologies, newspapers, magazines, journals, webzines, ebooks and apps that have published my stories, poetry, flash fiction and non-fiction:

Some links:

In conversation with writer Jo Mazelis in Wales Arts Review

My story ‘Made You Look’ in print issue of The Lonely Crowd, Spring 2016. Audio version here.

My review for Wales Arts Review of Tessa Hadley’s The Past, (Jonathan Cape), January 2016

My review for Wales Arts Review of Robert Minhinnick’s Limestone Man, (Seren Books), August 2015

My story ‘Robbed’ published in The Incubator Journal, issue 5, June 2015

My story ‘Pulse’ in print issue of Welsh literary journal The Lonely Crowd, Spring 2015, edited by John Lavin


My blind critique for Flash Frontier, New Zealand (scroll down to read), December 2014

My review of Significance (Seren Books, UK) by Jo Mazelis in Wales Arts Review, December 2014

Unbraiding The Short Story (the compilation of stories by writers in attendance at the 13th International Conference on the Short Story in English, Vienna 2014. 69 stories comprise this anthology by authors from around the world)

My poem ‘Spring Song’ published in The Poetry Magazine (PB5), Oct 2013

My poem, ‘The Creases in John McCormack’s Shoes’ in The Lampeter Review, issue 7, May 2013:

Lampeter Review

Wisconsin Review Spring 2013

Long Story Short Literary Journal (‘Balan’ in April 2013 issue)

The New Writer (UK), issue 111, Summer 2012 Collection, includes my prizewinning flash story ‘The Bridge:

Flash Flood Journal (UK), 2012, my flash story, ‘Tyrants’

Twisted Tales 2012/13 (paperback on Amazon UK and US & ebook on Smashwords ), Raging Aardvark Publishing, Australia. ‘A  collection of flash fiction which explores the twisted existence of love, family and relationships as characters seek a sense of self and identity’. Two of my flash stories feature:

Three of my flash fiction stories are also available on ether books UK mobile app for iPhone & Android:


The Irish Times, flash piece: ‘Robbed’.

Award winning short story ‘Mirage’ (version of my story, ‘The Apartment’) on ether Books (UK) app. Also on Five Stop Story (UK) app (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch).

Verbal Magazine (UK) distributed inside Belfast News, Newsletter and Derry Journal, short story: ‘Man Eater‘ (early version of ‘Shark Noise’):

Ink Sweat & Tears (UK), 2011, Flash piece: ‘Tempo’.

The Stinging Fly, short story: ‘The Fight Game’ , flash fiction version on ether Books app 2012

Short story ‘Lotso’ on Crannog 2012:

Microfiction in ROPES 2012:

My memoir piece ‘A Fabulous Country of ‘Swalley’ Holes, Jiving, Thistles and Trunk Calls’, August 2012:


Publication details include:

Some of my stories published in national and UK newspapers, commercial magazines, apps etc: 

ether Books, UK (four stories on app, 2012), The Irish Times (Jan, 2012). Five Stop Story website (2011), Verbal Magazine print issue (2009). The Sunday Tribune, three stories published in various New Irish Writing pages, before winning Hennessy New Irish Writer, 2007. U magazine, WritingsBooks Ireland

Some of my stories published in national and international anthologies, literary journals and webzines:

The Lonely Crowd, Wales, Spring 2016 & 2015. Wales Arts Review vol 2, issue 23, Oct 2013. Lakeview International Journal of Literature & Arts, Sept 2013. The Wisconsin Review, Long Story Short Literary Journal, April 2013, Flash Flood Journal (UK), May 2012.  Twisted Tales, ebook by Raging Aardvark Publishing (Australia), May 2012.  The Rusty Nail (US), Apr 2012.  The New Writer (UK): ‘The Collection 2011’, July 2012.  ROPES (Galway), Issue 20, 2012.  Crannog (Galway), Issue 29, 2012.  Five Stop Story (Kindle e-book), 2012.  Abridged 0-6 [mutations], 2007 (Derry).  Mongrel Scribe (Dublin), 2007,  Earlier work: Cutting Teeth, (Scottish anthology).  ABC Writers Network Anthology.  Cuirt Annual, (anthology of international writing).  New Series: Departures Vol.4InCognito 5 (Italics Press). The Stinging Fly.  Westland Row (Trinity College Dublin anthology).  Books Ireland.  Cork Literary ReviewWaterford Review.

Stories broadcast:

RTE Radio 1 (Fiction 15 series, multiple broadcasts). RTE Radio 1 (season of best of Francis MacManus short stories, 2006).  RTE Radio1 (three times broadcast & shortlisted for Francis MacManus awards).  Phoenix FM, Dublin.  Near FM, Dublin. Cork Campus Radio.



Poem, ‘hartstown haiku’ published in the Tribute to Michael Hartnett anthology I Live in Michael Hartnett, ed. James LawlorRevival Press/Limerick Writers’ Centre, 2013.

Hartnett book

Poem ‘Bridge’ published in Poetry Lostock’s/Domestic Cherry (UK) anthology Afterwards: writings for the Joy of Sex 40 years on (2012) and shortlisted for their poetry award.



Poem ‘The Creases in John McCormack’s Shoes’ in The Lampeter Review, Issue 7

Lampeter Review

Poem ‘Spring Song’ in The Poetry Bus Magazine (PB5)


Bloomsday essay ‘An Exile from Trieste’ published in Wales Arts Review, June 2016


‘A Fabulous Country of ‘Swalley’ Holes, Jiving, Thistles and Trunk Calls’:

Critiques and interviews:

Interview with writer Jo Mazelis in Wales Arts Review

Review of The Past by Tessa Hadley in Wales Arts Review

Review of Limestone Man by Robert Minhinnick in Wales Arts Review

Review of Significance (Seren Books, UK) by Jo Mazelis in Wales Arts Review

Flash fiction blind critique for New Zealand’s Flash Frontier

Interview with writer Mary Morrissy

Interview with writer Nuala Ní Chonchúir  

Interview with writer Celeste Augé

Review and interview with writer Geraldine Mills