Happy to have some fiction of mine published in Welsh literary magazine, The Lonely Crowd. My thanks to editor, John Lavin, for including my work in such a great line-up:

The first print issue of the The Lonely Crowd will be published this April and is now available to pre-order from the online store. Edited by Wales Arts Review’s Fiction Editor, John Lavin, it features new short fiction & poetry from Alison Moore, Medbh McGuckian, Stevie Davies, Anna Metcalfe, Tom Vowler, Valerie Sirr, Jo Mazelis, Gary Raymond, Nigel Jarrett, Caitlin Thomson, Dan Coxon, Armel Dagorn, Carole Burns, Jamie Guiney, Bethany W Pope, Liam Cagney, Gregory Norminton, Kathy Miles, Steph Power, Rachel J Fenton, Rosalind Hudis, Patrick Holloway, Frederick Pollack & Clodagh O’Brien. There is also photography from Jo Mazelis & artwork from Constantinos Andronis.

Recently I reviewed Significance, a novel by one of the above contributors, Jo Mazelis. She’s an impressive writer. The review is published in Wales Arts Review.