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Thanks to Jennifer Matthews, editor, for her great introduction:

‘Balan’ brings us into the mind of a young man whose confidence outweighs his skills of perception, whose understanding of his family and his place in the world is about to change drastically. This tale is in turns funny, heart-wrenching and startling: an honest examination of the first days of the recession from Hennessy Award-winning writer Valerie Sirr.

The Long Story, Short, created by Jennifer Matthews, poet, writer and editor, is a literary journal that publishes a short story every month, favouring tales that take their time. Longer than flash; fewer strings attached than a novel.

Here’s Jennifer’s manifesto: ‘We are an exclusively online publication, publishing new stories on a monthly basis. Only one story will be published at a time, for optimal opportunities to promote the most current author’s work. This format, rather than multiple stories across 2 or 3 annual issues, reflects contemporary reading habits, and provides the readership new material on a regular basis. The Long Story, Short literary journal aims to provide authors a link to their work on the web that they’ll be proud to share, and readers a quality source for stimulating and engaging literature.’

I’m proud to have my story featured in the journal along with many excellent writers, whose stories are available by scrolling down here. Jennifer is an encouraging and conscientious editor and a pleasure to work with.

The site features original photography, and the photograph of the young man above caught the character of ‘Gerry’ uncannily accurately. It’s just how I pictured him. Thanks to photographer Patrick Warner from Montana, USA.

Thanks to Gerry Beirne too for scooping it on to his brilliant site Irish Literary Times where you can find regular updates on what’s current in Irish Writing.

There’s a very interesting article here on why you should send your work to literary journals like Long Story, Short:

The Importance of Literary Journals and Short Stories (whatifyoucouldnotfail.typepad.com)

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